IMEX - Three-Phase, Black-Oil Reservoir Simulator

IMEX, the world's fastest black oil reservoir simulator, is used to model primary and secondary oil recovery processes in conventional and unconventional reservoirs. Use IMEX for screening prospects, setting up pilot designs, monitoring and optimizing field operations, and improving production performance.  Regardless of the size or the complexity of the reservoir, IMEX is an effective tool for a broad range of reservoir modelling and management issues.

With IMEX, you will:

  • Quickly screen a variety of recovery mechanisms before moving to more complex simulations
  • Model complex hydraulic fracture networks, and all associated effects, to accurately history match field results
  • Accurately model the matrix-fracture transfer in fractured reservoirs
  • Complete fast and easy transition to EOR process modelling in GEM and STARS
  • Seamlessly integrate with CMOST for rapid history matching and optimization of reservoir management workflows