CMG began in 1978 as a small research company based in Calgary, Canada. Quickly, CMG became known for its expertise in heavy oil, and has expanded this knowledge into all aspects of reservoir flow and advanced processes modelling. Since inception, CMG has been providing the ultimate customer experience through our R&D investment, superior technology, and unparalleled user support. Today, we are a world-class software technology company with more than 617 oil and gas clients and consulting firms, in 61 countries, using our reservoir simulation tools. Our team is at the forefront simulating new recovery methods and developing innovative ways to help you overcome existing technological barriers and reach your strategic goals.

Our Approach

CMG reinvests 20% of its annual revenue back into R&D, which drives advanced reservoir simulation technology forward. More than half of our employees work in R&D, with 50% of our staff holding a master’s degree or higher qualification. With more than 400 years of combined industry experience, CMG team continuously exceeds our customers’ expectations.

CMG, the leader in enhanced oil recovery simulation, delivers software that is easier to use and provides the most accurate results for compositional, conventional, unconventional and advanced IOR/EOR processes. CMG software is the industry standard for usability, physics, robustness and performance.

Our expert technical sales and support team helps clients 24/7, no matter what time zone you are in. We have a reputation for one-day response rate for technical support questions. In addition, our customers participate in practice-based industry-leading software. 


  • 2016: 100% of the top-20 Canadian heavy oil producers use CMG
  • 2015 Training offices in Bogota and Rio de Janeiro open to serve 300+ LA students per year
  • 2014: CoFlow launched at SPE ATCE in Amsterdam
  • 2014: 200+ employees
  • 2014: iSegWell release. Users can now model flow and pressure change in the wellbore
  • 2012: London training office opens to support European customers
  • 2010: CMG increases annual re- investment into R&D to 20%
  • 2009: CMOST release for more reliable forecasting and strategy optimization
  • 2009: Dubai office opens to support Eastern Hemisphere
  • 2008: Hydraulic fracture model
  • 2006: CoFlow development begins to help users solve challenges with offshore assets
  • 2005: Multi-well million cell thermal model
  • 2004: Dynamic grid refinement and amalgamation technologies
  • 2002: CIDA/China Enhance Coalbed Methane Technology Transfer project
  • 2001: Industry first 3D Stereographic Simulation Animator (Results & Builder)
  • 2000: Asphaltene precipitation and VAPEX modelling
  • 1998: CMG starts consulting services (500+ projects in 1998-present)
  • 1997: CMG becomes a publicly traded company on TSX
  • 1997: 50+ employees
  • 1996: Houston office opens to support USA and Latin America
  • 1983: STARS development begins to help users accurately model all thermal and advanced EOR processes
  • 1982: Development of GEM, CMG’s compositional and unconventional reservoir simulator, begins
  • 1980: Development of IMEX, CMG’s black oil simulator, begins
  • 1978: Research foundation established in Calgary, Canada