Visit us in Booth 1951 to see how we continue to push the boundaries of reservoir simulation with Artificial Intelligence, Simulation on the Cloud and our Unconventional Reservoir Modelling workflow. Plus, you'll have an opportunity to experience our new Virtual Reality concept!

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Integrated Analysis & Optimization Tool A powerful Sensitivity Analysis, History Matching, Optimization and Uncertainty tool to maximize recovery and NPV from all types of reservoirs and recovery processes. 1.2MB
Black Oil & Unconventional Simulator Model primary and secondary recovery techniques for conventional and unconventional oil/gas reservoirs; use quick and easy workflows to confidently create forecasts. 939KB
Compositional & Unconventional Simulator World's leading reservoir simulation software for compositional and unconventional reservoir modelling. 1.2MB
Thermal & Advanced Processes Simulator Accurately model the physics of all in-situ recovery processes - thermal, chemical or other advanced EOR techniques - to maximize the value and production from an asset. 1.2MB
Pre-Processor: Simulation Model Building Interactive, intuitive and easy-to-use interface enables quick and efficient design and preparation of simulation models for all CMG simulators. 850KB
Post-Processor: Visualization & Analysis State-of-the-art visualization & analysis capabilities provides insight into reservoir characteristics, recovery processes and reservoir performance. 1.2MB
Fluid Property Characterization Tool Create tuned fluid property descriptions for CMG simulators and black oil fluid property data for third-party reservoir simulation software. 427KB

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