World’s Fastest Reservoir
Simulators, Just Got Faster!

Transform your simulations with Performance Enhancement Technology (PET). Autotune-AI,
the latest in the CMG-PET category, adaptively and intelligently tunes your model for optimal run time.
Achieve on average, a 3x speed-up.

Autotune-AI is the industry's first artificial intelligence-based algorithm to transform simulation run time & speed.

Autotune-AI is an adaptive and intelligent keyword for automatically numerically tuning simulation models. No longer are you required to learn the details of mathematical convergence algorithms, rather trust the simulator to intelligently tune your model. Included in the 2017 Release, this is another example of the value you receive from your CMG maintenance agreements.

Using artificial intelligence, Autotune-AI:
  1. Identifies the process and model complexity
  2. Adaptively optimizes the dataset’s numerical parameters
  3. Provides improved run times & maintains accurate results

Use Autotune-AI and spend more time analyzing your results and making informed engineering decisions, and less time waiting for your simulations to finish.

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If you’d like to confidentially send us your model, just let us know. We'll validate our speed claims, using your data, and provide you the details.