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Journal of Petroleum Technology (JPT) Article

Comparison of Multiphase-Flow Results in Transverse vs. Longitudinal Fracturing

This JPT article contains highlights from SPE181813 "Multiphase-Flow Performance Comparison of Multiple-Fractured Transverse Horizontal Wells vs. Longitudinal Wells in Tight and Unconventional Reservoirs with Stress Dependent Permeability", written by Missouri University of Science & Technology. GEM was used throughout the simulation study.

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"There is an ongoing debate about whether the best practice is to drill a horizontal well in the direction of minimum horizontal stress, which would create a transversely fractured well, or to drill the well in the direction of maximum horizontal stress, which would create a longitudinally fractured well. This paper presents the results of a comprehensive multiphase-flow study that investigated the relationship between the principal stresses and lateral direction in hydraulically fractured horizontal wells."

Journal of Petroleum Technology (JPT)
Volume 69, Issue 3
March 2017

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