CMG's Custom Training

Use your own field data to learn CMG's reservoir simulation tools and immediately apply the new skills to your own projects. With over 30 public and fully customized on-demand courses available, your team will have an excellent learning experience at one of CMG's world-class training facilities or at your location.

More Benefits of CMG's Custom Training:

  • Hands-on exercises [and case-studies] directly related to your work
  • Discuss your company’s unique challenges in a private setting
  • Training delivered at your office, saving time and travel costs

If your company is interested in a custom course, please contact us for more details.

Custom Courses

  • Geostatistics for Reservoir Simulation
    Learn how to build reservoir simulation models using basic well and geological data without a geological software package. Hands-on exercises focus on using well trajectories, well log properties (such as porosity), tops and thickness, including the addition of geological features such as facies distribution. The geostatistical tool and wizards in Builder are utilized to apply different interpolation methods to calculate contour property maps, grids, reservoir property distribution. The geological modelling task manager in Builder is employed to generate different geological units and facies.

  • CMOST for Oil Sands Optimization
    Learn the techniques of Sensitivity Analysis, History Matching, Optimization, and Uncertainty Assessment specifically for oil sands applications. This course introduces four components of CMOST, but focuses mostly on optimization and uncertainty assessment type tasks. The theoretical basis of optimization algorithms is discussed with a focus on the application of the software to real-world oil sands problems, such as SAGD and CSS.

  • Advanced Refresher on Assisted SA, HM, OPT and UA using CMOST
    This course is for the experienced reservoir simulation engineers or technical personnel who are familiar with CMOST and want to learn advanced CMOST options or to familiarize/refresh themselves with the new features included in the latest version of CMOST.

  • Advanced Refresher for SAGD Simulation and Wellbore Modelling
    Enhance your knowledge of SAGD (Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage) Simulation and advanced wellbore modelling using STARS. Learn the features and application of Sink/Source wells with heaters and heater wells. The usage of an advanced wellbore model (FlexWell) in modelling circulation and complex wellbore completions in the SAGD phase will be demonstrated through hands-on exercises. Concepts of wellbore hydraulics, frictional pressure/heat losses, Flow Control Devices (FCD) and its modelling during the lifecycle of a SAGD well pair will be covered.

  • Coal Bed Methane (CBM) Simulation
    Prepare basic raw data such as geological maps, fluid composition data, core analysis, production data, and perforation/completion events and import it to Builder to build a complete GEM dataset. Discuss various field development concepts using group controls, automatic well drilling options, etc. Learn the concepts of uncertainty analysis, experimental design techniques, assisted history matching, and optimization.

  • Advanced Builder and Results
    Learn new advanced features and more sophisticated functions within Builder and Results to create complex datasets and reports. Existing datasets - IMEX, GEM, STARS - will be used to demonstrate the unique functions of CMG's Builder and Results software. The course will provide you with enough information and techniques to fully master the basic and advanced features of Builder and Results to achieve optimum data designs and presentations.

For inquiries regarding CMG customized training courses, please contact us by Email or Phone at +1.403.531.1300.