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What Participants are Saying:
Attendees at CMG Webinars
“The webinar was well done, which is my expectation from CMG. Only so much information can be conveyed in any webinar setting, and the time was well used.”

-Consultant, USA
“It's been a great presentation and showed many skills that I need to learn before doing any EOR simulation work.”

- Reservoir Engineer, Germany


What's New 2020
Virtual Technical Symposium 2022
Ongoing 2022

Continuing the Virtual Technical Symposium in 2022.

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What's New 2020
Advances in Fractured Reservoir Modelling using Discrete Fracture Networks (DFN)
March 31, 2021

Modelling of fractured reservoirs has evolved over the years with dual continua techniques such as dual porosity (DP), dual permeability (DK), multiple interacting continua (MINC) and subdomain modelling (SD).

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What's New 2020
Virtual Technical Symposium 2021
Ongoing 2021

The Technical Symposium brings together technical experts to provide a unique forum focused on reservoir simulation. Regionally held, globally accessible.

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What's New 2020
ATCE 2020
October 2020

CMG is pleased to be a Select Sponsor at the 2020 Virtual Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition, one of the largest SPE conferences for E&P professionals.

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What's New 2020
Webinar - What's New 2020
October 2020

This webinar highlights the newest features and enhancements in CMG's latest software release, General Release 2020.10. We're pleased to host two live sessions, in different parts of the world, to help reach a greater audience.

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IOR - August 2020
IOR 2020
August 2020

The 22nd edition of the SPE Improved Oil Recovery Conference is now virtual! Visit our virtual booth to attend one of our presentations or connect with members of the CMG Houston team.

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July 2020
July 2020

For the first time ever, the SPE Latin American & Caribbean Petroleum Engineering Conference (LACPEC) takes place in a virtual format. CMG is pleased to join several other exhibitors by participating virtually.

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July 2020
URTeC 2020
July 2020

The Unconventional Resources Technology Exhibition and Conference, or URTeC, is a 3-day conference focusing on the latest science and technology related to the exploration and development of unconventional resources. 2020 marks the first year it is held virtually.

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Webinar -  Impact, Mitigation & Optimization Strategies When Low Oil Prices Alter Long Term SAGD Project Implementation
Impact, Mitigation & Optimization Strategies When Low Oil Prices Alter Long Term SAGD Project Implementation
May 2020

This webinar will provide insights into the impact of steam injection interruptions on SAGD project performance, as well as explore the optimum length of interruption and how this is influenced by the initial period of steam injection.

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Webinar - Unconventional Multi-Well History Match and Optimization: A Bakken Case Study
Unconventional Multi-Well History Match and Optimization: A Bakken Case Study
April 2020

This webinar presents the results of a full field well placement study performed for an asset in the Bakken, utilizing CMG’s unconventional simulation workflows.

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Webinar - Whats new 2019
What's New in General Release 2019.10
December 2019

This webinar highlights new features and enhancements included in the latest software release, General Release 2019.10.

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RCSC Thumbnail
September 2019

The 7th edition of the Reservoir Characterisation and Simulation Conference (RCSC) takes place in Abu Dhabi, at the Jumeirah at Etihad Towers. This year’s theme is ‘Reservoir Modelling Digital Technology Transformation’.

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June 2019 Webinar.jpg
CoFlow and CoFlow-X: Modern Solutions for your Integrated Reservoir-Production Modelling Challenges
August 2019

In this webinar, learn about CoFlow and CoFlow-X, two software created to model integrated production systems. Discover how to model surface networks and well completions coupled with reservoir simulation models. Read More

June 2019 Webinar.jpg
URTeC 2019
July 2019

Our Houston-based experts will be at URTeC 2019 in Denver, Colorado, to talk about CMG’s latest software advances for modelling unconventional resources. Stop by Booth 316 to say hello to the CMG team! Read More

June 2019 Webinar.jpg
Como Aumentar La Producción Y El Factor de Recobro Utilizando Un Modelo Integrado Subsuelo-Superficie
June 2019

In this Spanish language webinar, we’ll discuss CMG’s newest software tools – CoFlow and CoFlow-X- which help you optimize and couple existing surface facilities with your reservoir simulation model. Read More

November 2018 Webinar.jpg
0-60: Leveraging the Cloud for your Dynamic Work Environment
December 2018

This joint webinar with Amazon Web Services will discuss CMG's Cloud solution and how to leverage the technology to efficiently and cost-effectively meet your workplace demands. The integration of CMG's innovative workflows with Cloud technology delivers the most efficient solution for your reservoir simulation projects. Read More

November 2018 Webinar.jpg
Modelling Hydraulically Fractured Wells: A Multi-Fidelity Approach to Modelling Unconventional Reservoirs
November 2018

This webinar will describe CMG’s multi-fidelity hydraulic fracture modelling techniques, which will enable you to make better recommendations regarding fracture spacing, well spacing, and other important parameters that can have a direct impact on the NPV. Read More

September 2018

CMG continues to break new ground in reservoir simulation. Our experts present the latest software enhancements and workflows to help maximize reservoir production and reduce risk for the most challenging reservoirs. Read More

TS 2018
CMG 101: Simulation Workflow Made Easy
August 2018

During this webinar, we discuss and demonstrate the CMG workflow, beginning with model creation in Builder, followed by a history match in CMOST and analysis using Results. The live demonstration shows how to import or build geological models, well trajectories & completions information along with historical production data. Read More

TS 2018
Technical Symposium 2018
June 2018

Hosted by CMG’s Research & Development team, the TS provides highly technical content and real-life application of industry-leading reservoir simulation software to further the use of simulation. Read More

TS 2018
CMOST: Going Beyond Today’s Reservoir Simulation Workflow
March 2018

Artificial intelligence, machine learning and pattern recognition technology have come a long way, especially during the past decade. The rise in automated and AI-powered data interpretation tools, where repetitive time consuming tasks are delegated to machines and bots, is allowing many businesses to shift their focus to data-driven workflows, leading to comprehensive and efficient decision making. Read More

Efficient Simulation - Leveraging CMG's Latest Performance Enhancement Technologies
February 2018

Join us for this webinar that will present CMG's existing and upcoming features designed to help you get maximum performance from IMEX, GEM, and STARS. Read More

What's New in General Release 2017.10
November 2017

With over 300 new features and up to 12x faster run times, the 2017.10 release offers many new benefits. The industry’s most technically accurate reservoir simulators are even better! Read More

September 2017

CMG continues to break new ground in reservoir simulation. Our experts present the latest software enhancements and workflows to help maximize reservoir production and reduce risk for the most challenging reservoirs. Read More

ASP Modelling: Workflows for Success (in Spanish)
August 2017

Conducted entirely in Spanish, we discuss concepts and mechanisms, such as Micro Emulsion Viscosity and Salinity Effects, and an intuitive workflow and methodology for evaluation, design and optimization. Read More

Optimized Polymer Injection Through Modelling: From Lab to Field
July 2017

CMG’s Chief Reservoir Engineer demonstrates how to use modelling strategies to match quantity and type of chemicals with reservoir properties to maximize your oil recovery factor and Net Present Value (NPV). Read More

Methodology to Select the Optimum Polymer Injection Strategy – Lab to Field Study (in Spanish)
May 2017

Conducted entirely in Spanish, this presentation uses a multi-step workflow to show how to optimize a polymer flood from both a technical and an economical perspective. Read More

How to Evaluate the Potential for EOR in a Tight Reservoir
April 2017

How do you evaluate the applicability and feasibility of various EOR methods on tight oil formations? Our simple workflow shows how to identify the best option for maximum technical and economic success. Read More

Accurate Chemical EOR Simulation: Lab to Field Scale
February 2017

Properly integrating ASP mechanisms in your reservoir to achieve accurate lab to field scale cEOR simulation can be challenging. CMG’s Chief Reservoir Engineer shows how to build an ASP dataset, match ASP coreflood data, upscale to a field-scale model and more! Read More

Advantages of Integrating Third-Party Hydraulic Fracturing Tools
December 2016

Learn how CMG’s unconventional modelling workflow makes it simple to accurately represent realistic hydraulic fractures in your reservoir simulation model and improve NPV. Read More

Advances in CO2 EOR Reservoir Modelling
November 2016

We discuss how to effectively simulate CO2 EOR processes by highlighting how CMG's dynamic modelling tools support the successful implementation of CO2 EOR processes. Read More

Builder: Geomodelling Made Easy
October 2016

This presentation explores how to account for uncertainty by incorporating geological data into your reservoir model by applying geostatistical approaches using an intuitive workflow. Read More

September 2016

At the 2016 SPE Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition in Dubai, attendees at the CMG booth listened to presentations describing how innovation in reservoir simulation drives business decisions. Read More

Results: Faster, Intuitive and Brand New
September 2016

Watch a live demonstration and see the new Results interface. Learn how it can help you easily analyze simulator data and learn more about your reservoir faster than ever before. Read More

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What's New in General Release 2016.10
September 2016

We present many powerful enhancements and capabilities that lead to improvements in run time and performance in General Release 2016.10. Read More

EUR Calculation and Optimization in Unconventional Reservoirs
June 2016

Dr. Jim Erdle unpacks whether numerical simulation or analytical models using Rate-Transient Analysis will provide you with the most reliable EUR predictions for unconventional reservoirs. Read More

Technical Symposium 2016
June 2016

Hosted by CMG’s Research & Development team, the TS provides highly technical content and real-life application of industry-leading reservoir simulation software to further the use of simulation. Read More

Advanced Integrated Analysis Features in CMOST
May 2016

Discover how CMOST's history matching, optimization and uncertainty assessment tools can provide you the most comprehensive analysis of your reservoir in a fraction of the time. Read More

Advanced Parallelization Techniques to Optimize & Boost Simulator & Hardware Performance
April 2016

Learn how to boost the performance of both your simulator and your computer by applying advanced parallel processing techniques and innovative hardware and software architectures. Read More

Reduce Your Risk by Quantifying Geologic Uncertainty through Brownfield Optimization and Probabilistic Forecasting
January 2016

We discuss how CMG software is utilized to identify probable realizations during the history match phase and how this uncertainty is applied to develop probabilistic and robust optimal forecasts. Read More

The Role of Coupled Geomechanical Modelling in Reservoir Simulation
November 2015

We discuss how to integrate important geomechanical data into a SAGD or a SteamFlood reservoir simulation study using CMG software. Read More

What's New Calgary
October 2015

The "What’s New in CMG" one-day seminar showcases the latest reservoir simulation developments, specifically for thermal recovery processes, EOR and unconventional oil and gas workflows. Read More

Mechanistic Modelling of Low Salinity Waterflood in Clastics & Carbonates
August 2015

This presentation shows the low salinity water injection workflow available in GEM and introduces a practical modelling workflow. Read More

Advancements in Numerical Performance & Simulation Speed-up
June 2015

Discover how to significantly decrease run-times for your large, multi-well simulations through advanced techniques using CMG software. Read More

Modelling & Optimization of Advanced SAGD Wellbore Completions
April 2015

We share how to better capture the wellbore-reservoir interaction, and effectively manage production profiles and recovery in order to maximize the net present value (NPV). Read More

Latest Advancements in Modelling & Optimizing Hydraulic Fractures
February 2015

Learn how to integrate new features from General Release 2014.10 into your unconventional reservoir modelling projects. Read More

Shales/Tight Oil Modelling Workflows
March 2014

Dr. Jim Erdle discusses the opportunities and challenges that many of the US shale players are experiencing with technological advancements. Read More