At the 2016 SPE Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition in Dubai, attendees at the CMG booth listened to presentations describing how innovation in reservoir simulation drives business decisions. Presenters showed why 90% of the top-10 National Oil Companies continue to choose CMG for their reservoir projects. As the world’s largest independent reservoir simulation provider, CMG's superior technology continues to break new ground for simulator capabilities, enabling its customers to maximize production, improve operations and reduce risk.


Please contact us for a PDF copy of the presentations listed below:
  • Accurate Chemical EOR Simulation on Field Scale Models
  • Enhanced Low Salinity Process Modelling
  • Steam and Hybrid Processes in Carbonates
  • Modelling Unconventional Oil & Gas Reservoirs: CMG’s Current & Upcoming Capabilities & Workflows

SPE Technical Papers

CMG software was highlighted in numerous SPE technical papers at the 2016 ATCE. Please see below for the list of papers and links to the abstracts. You may download the full paper from onepetro.org.

Unconventional Oil & Gas
  • How to Correct the Petro-Physical Properties for Simulating Shale Gas Production using Current Commercial Simulators, SPE 181321
  • Upscaling of Pore Connectivity Results from Lab-Scale to Well-Scale for Barnett and Haynseville Shale Plays SPE 181433
  • Further Discuss the Roles of Soaking Time and Pressure Depletion Rate in Gas Huff-n-Puff Process in Fractured Liquid-Rich Shale Reservoirs SPE 181471
  • Analytical Study of Flowing and In-Situ Compositions in Unconventional Liquid-Rich Gas Plays SPE 181567
  • Compositional Rate Transient Analysis in Liquid Rich Shale Reservoirs SPE 181699
  • An Innovative Approach to Model Two-Phase Flowback of Shale Gas Wells with Complex Fracture Networks SPE 181766
  • Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Oil Recovery from Bakken Formation by Miscible CO2 Injection SPE 184486
EOR: Chemical & Thermal Applications
  • Multi-thermal Fluid Assisted Gravity Drainage Process to Enhance the Heavy Oil Recovery for Post-SAGD Reservoirs SPE 181479
  • An Improved Methodology for Simulating Oil Recovery by Carbonated Water Injection: Impact of Compositional Changes SPE 181630
  • Specific Procedure for an Offshore Chemical EOR One Spot Pilot in a High Salinity High Temperature Environment SPE 181643
  • SAGD Operation in Interbedded Sands with Application of Horizontal Multistage Fracture; Reservoir Engineering Aspects SPE 181511
  • Interpretation and Analysis of Transient Sandface and Wellbore Temperature Data SPE 181710
Other Applications
  • Delineating Overburden Anomalies through Dip-Constrained Tomography for Improved Reservoir Imaging in an Offshore Carbonate Field SPE 181599
  • A Methodology to Integrate Multiple Simulation Models and 4D Seismic Data Considering their Uncertainties SPE 181608
  • Advanced Production Data Analysis in Oil Carbonate Reservoirs SPE 181608
  • Solving the Challenges of Short- and Long-Term Production Forecasting and Uncertainty using a Fully-Coupled Implicit Integrated Production Modelling System SPE 181427

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