Simulation Model Building Tool

Webinar - Builder: Geomodelling Made Easy

This webinar shows you how to use Builder to incorporate geological data into a reservoir model by applying geostatistical approaches.


During the webinar, we showed how to account for uncertainty by incorporating geological data into your reservoir model by applying geostatistical approaches. The presentation explored importing well trajectory/log information, creating contour maps, and analyzing variograms and an intuitive workflow to create and manipulate your static reservoir model.


Adrian Thomas holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Oil and Gas Engineering from the University of Calgary and has nine years of industry experience. Prior to joining CMG, Adrian worked as a Reserve Evaluation Engineer with a consulting firm in Calgary. While at CMG, he has worked on many simulation consulting projects with a focus on unconventional reservoirs throughout Canada. Adrian also has extensive experience in reservoir characterization and geological modelling.

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