Advanced Integrated Analysis
Features in CMOST AI


Advancements in assisted history matching, optimization and uncertainty assessment tools have significantly increased the value of reservoir simulation studies. Efficiently forecast production and recovery with CMOST AI, CMG’s state-of-the-art reservoir engineering tool which employs innovative experimental design, and sampling and optimization techniques. You can achieve more comprehensive analyses of your reservoirs in a fraction of the time. The recent addition of several new features enables reservoir engineers to fully customize workflows on increasingly complex problems without impacting time or resources. Watch this webinar to hear about these new features and how they will benefit you.The presentation reviewed how to implement new CMOST AI features to significantly increase the value of reservoir simulation studies. The following main points were covered:
  • Advantages of CMOST AI's advanced technology
  • Effective use of proxy modelling
  • Customization of CMOST AI's workflows

Alex Novlesky is an expert in the simulation of unconventional oil or gas (CBM, shale & tight), hydraulic fracturing, microseismic, optimization and uncertainty analysis. Additionally, he oversees a variety of simulation projects as a consulting coordinator at the Calgary office. He holds a Bachelor of Science, Oil & Gas Engineering Degree from the University of Calgary and is in his 8th year with CMG.

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