CMOST-AI - Going Beyond Today’s
Reservoir Simulation Workflow



Artificial intelligence, machine learning and pattern recognition technology have come a long way, especially during the past decade. The rise in automated and AI-powered data interpretation tools, where repetitive time consuming tasks are delegated to machines and bots, is allowing many businesses to shift their focus to data-driven workflows, leading to comprehensive and efficient decision making. New advancements in CMOST-AI augment traditional reservoir simulation workflows driven by its proxy based algorithms to leverage engineering capabilities, expertise and potential. Learn how CMOST-AI can apply neutral, non-biased data interpretation along with human expertise to generate high-value predictions that guide better decisions.

Alex Novlesky, a Senior Reservoir Simulation Engineer & Consulting Coordinator with CMG, is an expert in the simulation of unconventional oil or gas reservoirs (CBM, shale & tight) including hydraulic fracturing and microseismic. He specializes in the areas of optimization and uncertainty analysis and oversees a variety of simulation projects as a Consulting Coordinator at the Calgary office. Alex holds a Bachelor of Science, Oil & Gas Engineering Degree from the University of Calgary and is in his 10th year at Computer Modelling Group Ltd.

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