Mechanistic Modelling of Low Salinity
Waterflood in Clastics & Carbonates
  • Improved oil recovery mechanisms from low salinity water injection in clastic and carbonate formations
  • Practical process modelling approaches using new and existing features in CMG software
  • Differences between the simulation results of the mechanistic modelling approaches


Low salinity water injection (LSWI) is gaining popularity as an improved oil recovery technique in both secondary and tertiary injection modes. While the process is fairly well understood in clastics, the actual mechanism for increased oil recovery in carbonates is still uncertain. This webinar will describe basic principles and different mechanisms behind the process. Multiple modelling approaches available in GEM will be presented together with the specific features required for modelling of this process. Clastics and carbonates mineralogy will be discussed, along with a literature search for this process in carbonates. Then, the webinar will shift to more practical aspects of modelling. Specific input required will be demonstrated through examples with the process wizard in Builder and the internal calculations done by the wizard will be discussed. Common relative permeability issues will be reviewed, and the different methods for modelling this process in both clastics and carbonates will be presented through live demonstrations of the software. Simulation results will be graphed, and comparisons will be made between the different mechanistic modelling approaches.

Fraser Skoreyko has over 30 years of industry experience, with a particular expertise in heavy oil and enhanced oil recovery reservoir simulation. His knowledge and expertise is vast; however, he is focused on chemical EOR, steam flooding, and in‐situ combustion. Fraser holds a Bachelor of science, Mechanical Engineering from the University of Calgary. Throughout his 22‐year career at CMG, he has remained focused on providing technical expertise and guidance on customer field study projects.

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