Modelling Hydraulically Fractured Wells: A Multi-Fidelity Approach to Modelling Unconventional Reservoirs



To help you create a comprehensive and accurate development plan, CMG offers a variety of efficient and easy-to-use geomechanics and non-geomechanics-based workflows for modelling the complete lifecycle of unconventional wells. CMG’s workflows provide options for production-only modelling for fast and accurate results, as well as more in-depth geomechanical simulations for fracture initiation and propagation. The inclusion of geomechanics calculations with unconventional reservoir simulation enhances the accuracy of the hydraulic fractures, leading to better description of the interactions that may happen between the wells.

This webinar will describe CMG’s multi-fidelity hydraulic fracture modelling techniques, which will enable you to make better recommendations regarding fracture spacing, well spacing, and other important parameters that can have a direct impact on the NPV.

Kevin Joslin is a Reservoir Simulation Engineer in CMG’s Consulting, Support & Training group. He has five years of experience and has gained expertise in thermal recovery processes (SAGD) and unconventional gas and oil reservoir simulation, with a particular emphasis on hydraulic fracturing. Kevin uses his experience with CMG software to provide unparalleled support and training to CMG customers. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Calgary, Canada.

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