Optimized Polymer Injection through
Modelling: from Lab to Field
Engineers invest a significant number of hours to create a field development plan. Once implemented in the field, decisions based upon poor data may damage the reservoir or results in lost revenue. Avoid these common pitfalls and learn how simple modelling tools help determine the appropriate type and quantity of chemicals based upon reservoir characteristics. Using optimization leads to an efficient use of time, reduced risk while improving recovery, and protection of your valuable assets.


Use the polymer injection wizard to effortlessly convert and match inputted lab data to simulator data

Use one of CMG’s simulators to define polymer characteristics and to simulate flow behavior during injection

Use the optimization workflow to identify the polymer type and injection strategy to maximize recovery factor


This webinar will demonstrate how modelling tools and techniques can match quantity and type of chemicals with reservoir properties to maximize your oil recovery factor and Net Present Value (NPV).

Optimize a polymer flood, using specific features from IMEX, GEM and STARS, to determine the best technical and economical recovery process. Common issues will be reviewed, including:
  • Visco-elastic effects
  • Relative permeability
  • Adsorption
  • Residual resistance factor
  • Injectivity loss

The multi-step workflow begins by defining the polymer characteristics as well as its interactions with the reservoir, then observing the reservoir’s flow behavior during polymer injection, and finally optimizing the process using CMOST AI.

A calibrated fluid model is developed using CMOST AI’s automated history matching feature by matching a core flood simulation model to experimental lab data. The lab scale model is upscaled to field scale for predicting the polymer flood in an inverted 5-spot pattern. This history matching and upscaling procedure is performed for three different polymers. Finally, CMOST AI optimization identifies the polymer type and injection strategy that maximizes the oil recovery factor and NPV by considering the properties and costs of each polymer option.

Fraser has over 30 years of industry experience, with a particular expertise in heavy oil and enhanced oil recovery reservoir simulation. His knowledge and expertise is vast; however, he is focused on chemical EOR, steam flooding, and in‐situ combustion. Fraser holds a Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering from the University of Calgary. Throughout his 23‐year career at CMG, he has remained focused on providing technical expertise and guidance on customer field study projects.
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