Shales/Tight Oil Modelling Workflows


With new advances in CMG’s simulation technology it is now possible to parameterize hydraulic fracture and discrete fracture network descriptions. Everything from half-lengths, spacing, conductivity, and fracture degradation can now be quickly and easily altered to history match and estimate plausible ranges of EURs. This presentation shows the ease of this workflow using CMG’s simulators and CMOST AI optimization tool.

Dr. Jim Erdle has 40 years of industry experience, primarily in reservoir and production engineering-related positions within the services and software segments of the E&P industry, since graduating from Penn State with BS and PhD degrees in Petroleum Engineering in ’71 and ’74. Early in his career, Jim was involved with some of the industry’s leading advances in well testing design, monitoring and interpretation technology, including Closed Chamber and Surface Pressure Readout (SPRO) Drill Stem Testing, production enhancement via NODAL analysis, stimulation treatment design & monitoring techniques, and production surveillance software (The Production Analyst, which was the predecessor to OFM).

Jim joined CMG in May of 1997 and in October of that year opened CMG’s USA office in Houston. He’s been a key contributor to the expansion of CMG’s business in the USA, the GCC countries of the Middle East and in South America. Jim has been directly involved in improvements to CMG’s technology, including the workflows available within CMG’s products used to build, run and analyze dynamic reservoir simulation models of Unconventional (Shale/Tight) Gas and Liquids-rich reservoirs.

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