General Release
150+ New Features
3X Faster Simulation with Autotune-AI (IMEX)
Seamlessly Run Third-Party Datasets
Integrated Reservoir & Production
with CoFlow

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  • Automatically schedule required compute power to achieve the best performance.
  • Elastic and scalable hardware and software solutions.
  • New and faster solver technology (Hybrid MPI) embedded in industry’s fastest reservoir simulators.
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  • Achieve 10% to 40% speed-up on large geomechanical models with parallelization improvements.
  • IMEX now includes Autotune and DynaGrid for faster simulation runtimes.
  • Run field-scale reservoir models faster by using CMG’s Hybrid MPI technology.
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Unconventional Reservoirs

  • Improve recovery and field development design by modelling and optimizing the complete lifecycle of unconventional reservoirs, from hydraulic fracturing to production, within one software.
  • Model and predict frac-hits, stress and fracture reorientation using geomechanics and a multi-fidelity hydraulic fracturing workflow.
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Chemical EOR (cEOR)

  • Model complex chemical EOR behaviour and processes with GEM’s new mechanistic ASP model
  • Increased accuracy and speed for polymer flood models
  • Discover multiple enhancements to polymer flood models which deliver extensive analysis and faster results.
  • Multiple enhancements to polymer and ASP flood modelling capability.
  • New tracer modelling capability to track fluid movement in the reservoir and between wells.
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  • Custom dashboards for more insightful analysis and better presentations.
  • Visualize fluid movement within the reservoir using streamlines.
  • Load datasets up to 9x faster with performance enhancements to Builder.
  • Several new interactive options for import, creation and editing of hydraulic fractures.
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Integrated Production System Modelling (IPSM)

  • Introducing CMG’s IPSM modelling software Coflow and Coflow-X. Please contact for more details and how to get access to CoFlow.
  • CoFlow is the industry’s first fully implicit, multi-user, multi-fidelity, and multi-disciplinary IPSM software application.
  • CoFlow-X allows for explicit coupling between IMEX and GEM reservoir simulators to CoFlow’s surface facility models.
  • Debottleneck and optimize production facilities to drive efficiency and asset productivity.
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