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  • Updated interface and usability options for computing and visualization.
  • Automatically schedule required compute power to achieve the best performance.
  • Elastic and scalable hardware and software solutions.
  • New and more efficient solver technology (Hybrid MPI). 



  • Define Flux Boundary conditions from a full field model resulting in better run times and faster history matches.
  • Continued improvements to Autotune, ADTSC, and Combinative Solvers.
  • Run field-scale reservoir models faster by using CMG’s Hybrid MPI technology.


Unconventional Reservoirs

  • Enhancements to hydraulic fracture modeling including overlapping and crossing fractures, fracture height specification, and injection schedule importing.
  • Track multiple passive tracers in individual hydraulic fracture injection stages.

Chemical EOR (cEOR)

  • Track fluid movement in the reservoir and between wells without significant impact to run time using the new passive tracer modelling capability. 
  • New options available to model geochemistry with high salinity brines. 


  • Display Flow Vectors to further analyze fluid flow through the model.
  • Plot and display multilateral wells.
  • Import fracture injection data for history matching.
  • Create Ad Hoc groups to display well and layer results.

Integrated Production System Modelling (IPSM)

  • CoFlow is the industry’s first fully implicit, multi-user, multi-fidelity, and multi-disciplinary IPSM software application.
  • CoFlow-X allows for explicit coupling between IMEX and GEM reservoir simulators to CoFlow’s surface facility models.
  • Debottleneck and optimize production facilities to drive efficiency and asset productivity.

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