How-to Videos

Basic and Advanced features of Results 2018

This video will help you with your analysis and give greater insights into your reservoir model. Watch Video

Submit jobs to CMG Cloud AWS

In this video, we will be demonstrating how to submit jobs directly to the Amazon Cloud from our application. Watch Video

Submit jobs to CMG Cloud Azure

In this video, we will be demonstrating how to submit jobs directly to the CMG Cloud platform using MS Azure. Watch Video

Run CMOST AI using Cloud

In this video, we will show you how to run CMOST AI generated jobs using the CMG Cloud. Watch Video

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Speed-up runtime & numerical tuning workflow with Autotune AI

Let us show you in less than 3 minutes, how to use CMG's latest Performance Enhancement Technology, to speed up your runtime and numerical tuning workflow; using Autotune AI. Watch Video

Import Hydraulic Fractures Generated by 3rd Party Software

Builder can import hydraulic fractures generated from 3rd-party software and internally convert them into CMG format. In this how-to-video, learn the required formatting and how to perform the simple import process. Watch Video

Create a Simple PVT for a Blackoil Model

IMEX's internal correlations are applied to effectively generate PVT information for a reservoir with minimal fluid characterization data. Watch Video

Import Production Data into Builder

The Import production/injection data wizard is one of Builder’s productivity improvement tools to help you quickly and efficiently incorporate all the required data you need to build a simulation model. Watch Video

Import a Geological Model via Rescue

CMG's Builder allows importing geomodels created from any third-party software. Learn how to import a Rescue file in this how-to software video. Watch Video

Import Trajectories and Perforations

Watch the process for importing well trajectory data into CMG's Builder using our intuitive import wizard. In addition, you will learn multiple ways to perforate the well trajectory path. Watch Video

Manually Create Perforations

Learn a fast and simple workflow for manually adding perforation data to Builder using the well completions wizard. Watch Video

Use Builder's Scripting Tool

Learn how to generate multiple geological realizations using Scripting Tool available in CMG's Builder. Watch Video

Create a Wellbore Model in Builder using FlexWell

FlexWell is a wellbore model in STARS that can be used to accurately model flow and various wellbore configurations for various thermal and non-thermal processes. Learn the steps for designing a SAGD injector well using Builder and FlexWell. Watch Video

Create a Hydraulic Fracture

Builder's Hydraulic Fracture Import Wizard makes it easy for you to define hydraulic fractures in your simulation model by providing an interface where you can either manually define the fracture or import data from third-party software. Watch and learn how to add HF to a horizontal well by using this Builder wizard. Watch Video

Analyze and Visualize Data using the New Results Interface

Results includes industry-leading visualization capabilities to help you analyze simulator data to increase understanding and insight into recovery processes and reservoir performance. Learn the basic workflow to apply when using Results 2016.10. Watch Video