Technical Papers
Title Yearsort ascending Process Category
Miscible EOR Process Assessment for Unconventional Reservoirs: Understanding Key Mechanisms for Optimal Field Test Design 2018 Unconventional Oil & Gas IMEX
Viability of EOR Processes in the Bakken Under Geological and Economic Uncertainty 2018 Unconventional Oil & Gas IMEX, GEM, CMOST AI
Pressure Depletion’s Impact on Induced Strain During Hydraulic Fracturing in Child Wells: The Key to Mitigate Fracture Hits and Pressure Interference 2018 Unconventional Oil & Gas IMEX
Integrated Static and Dynamic Big-Loop Modeling Workflow for Assisted History Matching of SAGD Process with Presence of Shale Barriers 2018 Thermal Recovery STARS, CMOST AI
Geologically Consistent History Matching of SAGD Process Using Probability Perturbation Method 2018 Thermal Recovery STARS, CMOST AI
Coupled Multi-Reservoir Multi-Network Production Optimization of an Onshore Middle Eastern Reservoir with Sour Gas Reinjection for Miscible EOR 2017 Conventional CoFlow
Improved Oil Recovery in Tight Oil Formations: Results of Water Injection Operations & Gas Injection Sensitivities in the Bakken Formation of SE Saskatchewan 2017 Unconventional Oil & Gas IMEX
A Comprehensive Evaluation of Alkaline Surfactant Polymer Flooding and Hybrid Process for Enhanced Oil Recovery 2017 Chemical EOR, EOR/IOR GEM, CMOST AI
An Evaluation of EOR Potential in the Elm Coulee Bakken Formation, Richland County, Montana 2017 Unconventional Oil & Gas GEM
EOR in Tight Reservoirs, Technical and Economical Feasibility 2017 Unconventional Oil & Gas IMEX, GEM
A Framework for Mechanistic Modeling of Alkali-Surfactant-Polymer Process in an Equation-of-State Compositional Simulator 2017 Chemical EOR GEM
Use of a CO2-Hybrid Fracturing Design To Enhance Production From Unpropped-Fracture Networks 2017 Unconventional Oil & Gas GEM
Comparison of Numerical vs. Analytical Models for EUR Calculation and Optimization in Unconventional Reservoirs 2016 Unconventional Oil & Gas IMEX, GEM
Measurement and Correlation of Solubility and Physical Properties for Gas-Saturated Athabasca Bitumen 2016 Thermal Recovery WinProp
Measurement and Modeling of Solubility and Saturated-Liquid Density and Viscosity for Methane/Athabasca-Bitumen Mixtures 2016 Thermal Recovery WinProp