Technical Papers
Title Yearsort descending Process Category
Measurement and Correlation of Solubility and Physical Properties for Gas-Saturated Athabasca Bitumen 2016 Thermal Recovery WinProp
Measurement and Modeling of Solubility and Saturated-Liquid Density and Viscosity for Methane/Athabasca-Bitumen Mixtures 2016 Thermal Recovery WinProp
Solving the Challenges of Short and Long-Term Production Forecasting and Uncertainty Using a Fully-Coupled Implicit Integrated Production Modelling System 2016 Conventional CoFlow
Use of a CO2-Hybrid Fracturing Design To Enhance Production From Unpropped-Fracture Networks 2017 Unconventional Oil & Gas GEM
Coupled Multi-Reservoir Multi-Network Production Optimization of an Onshore Middle Eastern Reservoir with Sour Gas Reinjection for Miscible EOR 2017 Conventional CoFlow
Improved Oil Recovery in Tight Oil Formations: Results of Water Injection Operations & Gas Injection Sensitivities in the Bakken Formation of SE Saskatchewan 2017 Unconventional Oil & Gas IMEX
A Comprehensive Evaluation of Alkaline Surfactant Polymer Flooding and Hybrid Process for Enhanced Oil Recovery 2017 Chemical EOR, EOR/IOR GEM, CMOST-AI
An Evaluation of EOR Potential in the Elm Coulee Bakken Formation, Richland County, Montana 2017 Unconventional Oil & Gas GEM
EOR in Tight Reservoirs, Technical and Economical Feasibility 2017 Unconventional Oil & Gas IMEX, GEM
A Framework for Mechanistic Modeling of Alkali-Surfactant-Polymer Process in an Equation-of-State Compositional Simulator 2017 Chemical EOR GEM
Integrated Static and Dynamic Big-Loop Modeling Workflow for Assisted History Matching of SAGD Process with Presence of Shale Barriers 2018 Thermal Recovery STARS, CMOST-AI
Geologically Consistent History Matching of SAGD Process Using Probability Perturbation Method 2018 Thermal Recovery STARS, CMOST-AI
Miscible EOR Process Assessment for Unconventional Reservoirs: Understanding Key Mechanisms for Optimal Field Test Design 2018 Unconventional Oil & Gas IMEX
Viability of EOR Processes in the Bakken Under Geological and Economic Uncertainty 2018 Unconventional Oil & Gas IMEX, GEM, CMOST-AI
Pressure Depletion’s Impact on Induced Strain During Hydraulic Fracturing in Child Wells: The Key to Mitigate Fracture Hits and Pressure Interference 2018 Unconventional Oil & Gas IMEX