Technical Papers
Title Yearsort ascending Process Category
An Advanced Framework for Simulating Connected Reservoirs, Wells and Production Facilities 2011 EOR/IOR, Conventional IMEX
Simulation Study on Surfactant-Polymer Flood Performance in Fractured Carbonate Reservoir 2011 Chemical EOR STARS
The ABCs of In-Situ Combustion Simulations: From Laboratory Experiments to the Field Scale 2011 Thermal Recovery STARS
Formalization and Standardization of the Smart Well Valuation Workflow 2011 Conventional CoFlow
Shale Gas Modeling Workflow: From Microseismic to Simulation -- A Horn River Case Study 2011 Unconventional Oil & Gas IMEX, GEM
Development of a New Foam EOR Model From Laboratory and Field Data of the Naturally Fractured Cantarell Field 2011 Chemical EOR STARS
Novel Methodology for Full-Field Production Forecasting in a Large Steamflood, Mukhaizna Field, Oman 2010 Thermal Recovery STARS
Simulation Study for Designing an In-Situ Combustion Pilot in the Orinoco Belt of Venezuela: From Laboratory Studies to the Field Scale 2010 Thermal Recovery STARS
Accurate Simulation of Non Darcy Flow in Stimulated Fractured Shale Reservoirs 2010 Unconventional Oil & Gas IMEX, GEM
Study of Geomechanical Effects in a Deep Aquifer CO2 Storage 2010 EOR/IOR, Geomechanics GEM
Reservoir Modeling in Shale-Gas Reservoirs 2009 Unconventional Oil & Gas IMEX
Chemical Flood Simulation of Laboratory Corefloods for the Mangala Field: Generating Parameters for Field-Scale Simulation 2008 Chemical EOR STARS, WinProp
Numerical Modelling Of Advanced In Situ Recovery Processes In Complex Heavy Oil & Bitumen Reservoirs 2005 Thermal Recovery STARS
Applications Of Dynamic Gridding To Thermal Simulations 2004 Thermal Recovery STARS
Asphaltene Precipitation: Phase Behaviour Modelling and Compositional Simulation 2000 Thermal Recovery STARS, WinProp