Technical Papers
Title Yearsort descending Process Category
Asphaltene Precipitation: Phase Behaviour Modelling and Compositional Simulation 2000 Thermal Recovery STARS, WinProp
Applications Of Dynamic Gridding To Thermal Simulations 2004 Thermal Recovery STARS
Numerical Modelling Of Advanced In Situ Recovery Processes In Complex Heavy Oil & Bitumen Reservoirs 2005 Thermal Recovery STARS
Chemical Flood Simulation of Laboratory Corefloods for the Mangala Field: Generating Parameters for Field-Scale Simulation 2008 Chemical EOR STARS, WinProp
Simulation Study for Designing an In-Situ Combustion Pilot in the Orinoco Belt of Venezuela: From Laboratory Studies to the Field Scale 2010 Thermal Recovery STARS
Novel Methodology for Full-Field Production Forecasting in a Large Steamflood, Mukhaizna Field, Oman 2010 Thermal Recovery STARS
The ABCs of In-Situ Combustion Simulations: From Laboratory Experiments to the Field Scale 2011 Thermal Recovery STARS
Simulation Study on Surfactant-Polymer Flood Performance in Fractured Carbonate Reservoir 2011 Chemical EOR STARS
Development of a New Foam EOR Model From Laboratory and Field Data of the Naturally Fractured Cantarell Field 2011 Chemical EOR STARS
Impact of Fractures Characterization, Wettability and Hysteresis on Thermal Recovery Processes in Carbonate Naturally Fractured Reservoirs 2014 Thermal Recovery STARS
Using Multiple Objective Optimization for SAGD Simulation Numerical Tuning 2014 Thermal Recovery STARS, CMOST-AI
Experimentally-Based Empirical Foam Modeling 2014 Chemical EOR STARS
A New and Practical Workflow for Large Multipad SAGD Simulation - An Oilsands Case study 2014 Thermal Recovery STARS, CMOST-AI
A Methodological Analysis of the Mechanisms Associated to Steam-Solvent Co-injection Processes using Dynamic-Gridding 2014 Thermal Recovery STARS
Evaluating the Importance of Geomechanical and Reservoir Properties when History Matching 4D Seismic Data in SAGD Wells 2014 Thermal Recovery, Geomechanics STARS, CMOST-AI