Tip of the Week:
icon Unconventional

Model shear fracturing and its impact on tensile fracturing with fluid flow and geomechanics. When shear failure occurs on a grid block, the tensile threshold used in the Barton-Bandis fracture model can be increased to facilitate fracturing. Use this option to predict ‘frac-hits’, as grid blocks experience fracturing (due to tensile failure) much easier than a grid block without shear-failure.

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icon performance


  • Speed up your model run times, by an average 3x, using AUTOTUNE-AI.
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icon Cloud


  • Tackle existing constraints, such as hardware limitations, by submitting run jobs to CMG’s Cloud solution.
  • Submit your run jobs to the CMG Cloud to deliver your reservoir simulation projects on time.
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icon unconventional

Unconventional Reservoirs

  • Use the built-in ASP process wizard in Builder to maximize reservoir production.
  • Considering an EOR process to model your unconventional reservoirs? CMG has an easy workflow for you.
  • Model fracture creation and flowback with the compaction-dilation curve option.
  • Use multi-fidelity approaches to model geomechanical effects in hydraulic fractures.
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icon CMOST


  • Use CMOST to test different variable changes and reactions, before the run is submitted.
  • Use Proxy Analysis to understand parameter-objective function interactions.
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icon Thermal


  • Achieve a 6x speed-up for your multipad, multimillion-gridblock model using this workflow.
  • Model multiple wellbore configurations with FlexWell to capture and predict fluid behaviour during SAGD recovery.
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icon Results


  • Use the Formula Manager in Builder to create new properties or modify existing ones
  • Make informed decisions about improving recovery for a well or field using Results.
  • Learn how to import fracture cluster templates from 3rd party fracture modelling software.
  • Apply Builder’s cross-plotting tool to validate correlations between key petrophysical properties.
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icon CMG

General CMG

  • Use formulaic triggers for advanced well and group controls.
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