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IMEX: Where Speed & Accuracy Coexists

IMEX is the industry's fastest black oil & conventional reservoir simulator. CMG never compromises accuracy for speed. Watch Video

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CMOST: Artificial Intelligence

CMOST extends your capabilities and potential to improve business decisions and processes. Identify the best solution for your reservoir by combining advanced statistical analysis, machine learning and non-biased data interpretation with your engineering expertise. Watch Video

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CMG Cloud: Simulation on Demand

Submit your simulation results files to the Cloud for the power to run jobs, get the answers and make decisions quickly. Watch Video

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The History of CMG

Hear how CMG grew from our beginnings at the University of Calgary in 1978 to today, where we are the leading developer and supplier of reservoir simulation technology. Watch Video

Unparalleled Customer Experience

CMG is a customer-centric organization where integrity is at the core of our operations. Learn how the Consulting, Support & Training group strives to provide our customers with the best experience. Watch Video

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Industry Collaboration: CoFlow

Discover how collaboration with academia, and industry enables CMG’s innovation in the advancement of reservoir simulation technology.
Watch Video

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CMG’s Superior Software: Reservoir Simulation Firsts

CMG is focused on collaboration & innovation. We have brought many firsts to the reservoir simulation industry, including: SAGD Simulation, Hydraulic Fracturing, Tartan Gridding, Numeral Techniques for physics/chemistry & advanced processes, Open MP, Parallel, AI-based History Matching & Optimization. Watch Video

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University Collaboration: The Value of an Internship at CMG

CMG provides internships in the customer support and R&D groups. Hear how a CMG internship has benefited several of our current employees. Watch Video

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Chemical EOR – Development Through Application

Take an in-depth look at CMG’s advanced capabilities in low salinity waterflood, geochemical and chemical EOR processes, including a case study about the Cantarell foam injection reservoir model. Watch Video

SAGD – Historical Enhancements

Explore how CMG’s collaboration with customers to develop a new way of modelling Flow Control Devices (FCDs) has led to measureable value for SAGD reservoirs. Watch Video

Unconventional – How CMG Became the Modelling Leader

“Have you CMG’d your well yet?” Learn why CMG’s practical and easy-to-use unconventional oil/gas reservoir modelling workflow is the best in the industry for providing robust and accurate forecasts. Watch Video