GEM Training Courses

Modelling of Shale, Tight Oil and Gas Reservoirs
This course introduces the latest technology in compositional simulation using GEM. Shale gas reservoir theory and simulation concepts will be discussed. This course also includes instruction on Builder, which handles the bulk of data preparation for compositional simulation (GEM) for unconventional gas reservoirs. This course is available in Bogota, Calgary and Houston.

EOR Modelling in Tight Reservoirs
This course explores different enhanced recovery techniques that are being used in tight oil formations in the industry today in terms of technical and economical proficiency. After completing the course, you will be able to apply the knowledge and workflows learned to your own low permeability formations and determine the optimal operating strategy. This course is available in Calgary.

CO2 EOR Simulation using GEM and IMEX
Learn the method of creating PVT data for miscible floods for IMEX and GEM. Participants will build a 1D model to simulate core studies using GEM and history match core flood lab data. An EOR scenario of miscible CO2 injection to a 3D miscible WAG (water alternate Gas) model in GEM will be created. This course is available in Calgary and Houston.

Geomechanics in GEM and STARS
Learn the geomechanical concepts from simple dilation/compaction table input to complex finite element strain/stress approaches. This course is available in Calgary and Houston.

Modelling of Low Salinity Waterflooding using GEM and STARS
This course is designed for reservoir simulation engineers and technical personnel involved or interested in the application of advanced simulation tools to model the effects of Low Salinity Water Injection (LSWI) as an EOR process. This course is available in Calgary and Bogota.

CO2 Sequestration Using GEM
This course gives an overview of the modelling options built into the GEM simulator for CO2 Storage and Capture in an aquifer. A 2D model will be built and various CCS modelling tools will be progressively added on, starting from simple structural trapping down to mineralisation. The effect of each added process will be analysed in detail. The PVT package WinProp will be used for inputting the components properties and the aqueous and mineral reactions. The course will touch on the geochemical modelling features of GEM and its geomechanical modelling capabilities.This course is available in Wallingford.

"GEM can be customized in different ways for shale gas simulation. This is very important due to many unknown facts of shale"
-Modelling of Shale, Tight Oil and Gas Reservoirs
"The theory portion was very helpful. The tutorials were very effective in demonstrating the concepts."
-Geomechanics in GEM and STARS
"Covering all the theory behind the model was of great benefit. There are so many different reservoir and fracture properties taken into account."
- Modelling of Shale, Tight Oil and Gas Reservoirs

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