Black Oil &
Unconventional Simulator

IMEX Training Courses

Introduction to CMG's Modelling Workflows
Learn the basics of reservoir simulation and build a simple black oil model using the latest pre- and post-processing technology available for CMG simulators. These include Builder, which provides data preparation for black oil (IMEX), compositional (GEM) and advanced thermal/chemical process (STARS) simulators. This course is available in Bogota, Calgary, Houston, and London.

CO2 EOR Modelling
Learn the method of creating PVT data for miscible floods for IMEX and GEM. Participants will build a 1D model to simulate core studies using GEM and history match core flood lab data. An EOR scenario of miscible CO2 injection to a 3D miscible WAG (water alternate Gas) model in GEM will be created. This course is available in Calgary and Houston.

Assisted History Matching Optimization and Uncertainty Analysis Using IMEX
Learn Sensitivity Analysis, History Matching, Optimization, and Uncertainty Assessment techniques and their applicability in a Black Oil simulation model using IMEX. Perform a sensitivity analysis of a Black Oil simulation model using reservoir parameters that allow the final selection for an assisted history match process using CMOST. Apply Optimization to the forecast to select the optimum operating strategy for the application of an alternate water and gas injection process (WAG). This course is available in Bogota.

"The whole course was very helpful, particularly if there was no prior experience with Builder/Results"
-Introduction to CMG's Modelling Workflows
"Great course, very good at demonstrating the capabilities of the software, as well as simulation in general."
-Introduction to CMG's Modelling Workflows
"Hands-on experience valuable. Interspersing exercises with presentations helped reinforce concepts and workflow."
-Introduction to CMG's Modelling Workflows

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