Learn the theoretical concepts related to modelling of wellbore hydraulics and gain the tools required to simulate and optimize the various phases of a SAGD project’s life.

Investigate the effects of various wellbore configurations through a series of hands-on exercises. These include parallel, concentric strings and different types of Flow Control Devices (FCD). Participate in the discussion and modelling of wellbore pressure and heat losses. Practice modelling the wellbore using STARS in both the payzone and the overburden.

After completing the course, you will be able to effectively calculate and visualize fluid pressures, flow rates, flowing liquid and gas fractions, subcool, and phase density for each wellbore segment.

Course Content

  • Overview of SAGD concepts
  • Modelling of wellbore cleanup, pre-SAGD reservoir heating (circulation period) and production phase
  • Wellbore models available in STARS
    • Sink-Source
    • FlexWell
    • SAM
  • Practical exercises using FlexWell and SAM
  • Modelling of artificial lift using FlexWell and SAM
  • Modelling of Flow Control Devices (FCD)

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