CMG Training:
Assisted History Matching, Optimization & Uncertainty Analysis using IMEX
Learn Sensitivity Analysis, History Matching, Optimization, and Uncertainty Assessment techniques and their applicability in a Black Oil simulation model using IMEX. Perform a sensitivity analysis of a Black Oil simulation model using reservoir parameters that allow the final selection for an assisted history match process using CMOST. Apply Optimization to the forecast to select the optimum operating strategy for the application of an alternate water and gas injection process (WAG).

Course Content

  • Four CMOST components:
    • Sensitivity analysis
    • History matching
    • Optimization
    • Uncertainty assessment
  • CMOST Studio
    • How to create the CMOST data files, i.e. master data set, and study files
  • Create a simulation model using Builder:
    • Import a geological model in Rescue formats
    • Include information of fluids, fluids and rock recurring data available
  • Perform a sensitivity analysis on reservoir parameters and later assisted history matching using CMOST
  • Generate a restart of the simulation to proceed to make predictions
  • Generate a WAG process using the automated injection cycles in Builder
  • Use available CMOST optimization feature to generate the optimal strategy for implementing WAG
  • Use Results Graph and Results 3D to analyze/visualize the results
  • Exercise and tutorial

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