Builder and Results Training Courses

Introduction to CMG's Modelling Workflows
Learn the basics of reservoir simulation and build a simple black oil model using the latest pre- and post-processing technology available for CMG simulators. These include Builder, which provides data preparation for black oil (IMEX), compositional (GEM) and advanced thermal/chemical process (STARS) simulators. This course is available in Bogota, Calgary, Houston, and London.

Geomodelling for Reservoir Engineers
Learn the functionality of CMG's Builder for creating geological models and practice different aspect of geological modelling including geostatistical property distribution, contour map construction and building structure/stratigraphy modelling. Verification of the model and upscaling for reservoir flow simulation will also be discussed. This course is available in Calgary.

Advanced Features in Builder and Results (Custom Course)
This custom training course introduces new advanced features and functions used by Builder and Results to create complex datasets and reports. Existing datasets - IMEX, GEM and STARS - are used to demonstrate the unique features of Builder and Results software. Read more...

"I really enjoyed the visualization applications of the software and the quick reference tools"
-Introduction to CMG's Modelling Workflows
"We covered all the main functions of the software. I liked the way we repeated use of Results by building onto the same basic model several times. This repetition helped me navigate through the process on my own by the end of the class."
-Introduction to CMG's Modelling Workflows
"Very well organized notes and well constructed tutorials. Tutorials were pretty well focused on topics of most interest. Good discussion of how options are implemented in the simulaton"
- Advanced Features in Builder & Results, custom course

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