Learn different chemical enhanced oil recovery (cEOR) methods available in the industry, including alkaline, surfactants, gels and foams. Use functionality available in STARS to simulate solutions for typical problems of poor sweep efficiency, oil wettability and interfacial tension.

The course focuses on standard workflows from lab to full field simulation including:
  • Advanced history matching on core flood experiments
  • Lab scaling and its use in full field simulation
  • Optimization for maximum net present values in chemical reservoir studies
After completing the course, engineers, geologists or technical personnel will be able to apply the knowledge of practical tertiary recovery methods to design and optimize the EOR process for their specific field.

Course Content

  • Chemical EOR theory
  • Chemical EOR simulation in STARS
  • Core flood modelling and history matching for ASP using advanced CMOST
  • Upscaling from lab to full field model for ASP processes
  • Full field chemical simulations and optimization of net present value in CMOST
  • Surfactant foam and gel injection simulation

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