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CMG Training:
CMOST for Thermal Applications

CMG is now offering training courses online due to the current circumstances with COVID-19.

Course Date: 
Wednesday, 28 August, 2019 - 08:30 to Thursday, 29 August, 2019 - 16:30
Learn how to apply the capabilities of CMG’s History Matching & Optimization tool, CMOST, to your simulation models to make well-informed engineering decisions, faster and with higher resolution.

This course is a review of four components of CMOST (Sensitivity Analysis, History Matching, Optimization, and Uncertainty Assessment) from a practical, applied approach.

After completing the course, you will be able to successfully apply CMOST optimization algorithms to simulate thermal EOR processes such as CSS and SAGD.

Course Content

  • Introduction to the four components of CMOST:
    • Sensitivity analysis
    • History matching
    • Optimization
    • Uncertainty assessment
  • CMOST Studio
    • How to create the CMOST data files, i.e. master data set, and study files
  • Hands-on exercise using CMOST for conventional and tight reservoirs
  • Experimental design theory and implemented correlations
  • Optimization and history matching methods including proxy-modelling optimization

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Course Date
Wednesday, 24 June, 2020 - 08:30 to Friday, 26 June, 2020 - 16:30
Wednesday, 11 November, 2020 - 08:30 to Friday, 13 November, 2020 - 16:30
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Monday, 22 June, 2020 - 08:30 to Tuesday, 23 June, 2020 - 16:30
Wednesday, 26 August, 2020 - 08:30 to Thursday, 27 August, 2020 - 16:30