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CMG Training:
CO2 EOR Modelling
$1500 USD per person
Course Date: 
Tuesday, 15 October, 2019 - 08:30 to Thursday, 17 October, 2019 - 16:30

Who should attend

This three-day course is for engineers or other technical personnel who would like to learn the techniques of Enhanced Oil Recovery by CO2 injection in the miscible flood process. The knowledge of using WinProp and incorporating lab measured data to create an EOS based fluid model is a prerequisite, as well as some simulation experience, preferably compositional modelling. Participants should be familiar with using CMG's Builder/Results software.

About the course

The course will introduce the method of creating PVT data for miscible floods for both simulators IMEX and GEM. Participants will learn how to create a 1D model to simulate core studies using GEM and history match core flood lab data. An EOR scenario of miscible CO2 injection to a 3D miscible WAG (water alternate Gas) model in GEM will be created. Also, 3D pseudo-miscible flood model in IMEX will be built to model WAG process in the same 3D reservoir model. Participants will then compare the results obtained with IMEX and GEM. Finally, participants will use CMOST to optimize the WAG process in a single 5-spot model.

Course Content

  • PVT requirements for miscible floods in IMEX and GEM
  • Create a 1D simulation model in GEM and history match core studies for miscible floods
  • Create a pseudo-miscible 3D simulation model in IMEX
  • Create a 3D compositional miscible flood simulation model in GEM
  • Run EOR cases using CO2 miscible flood in IMEX and GEM and compare the results
  • Tuning some numerical parameters in GEM to enhance the run performance
  • Use of CMOST, CMG’s history matching and optimization tool, to optimize WAG process in a single 5-spot model.

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