Learn the mechanisms involved in the production of foamy oil from heavy oil reservoirs and their simulation using STARS. Discuss various approaches to modelling foamy oil behaviour in heavy oil reservoirs and their effect on production. The course will cover the kinetics of bubble nucleation, growth and coalescence through the use of dispersed, entrained and trapped gas in the system to model foamy oil behavior.

The course will teach attendees to utilize the Foamy Oil Wizard in Builder to model the effects of trapped gas in the oil by using relative permeability interpolation and component generation through reactions. After completing this training course, you will also be able to simulate additional effects including:
  • Foamy oil coalescence
  • Effect of high compressibility of foamy oil
  • The effect of mechanical entrapment of bubbles in the oil

Course Content

  • Description of mechanisms involved:
    • Concepts of foamy oil
    • Foamy oil characteristics
    • Laboratory experiment results
    • Foamy oil modelling using STARS
    • Lab and field scale modelling
  • Exercises with STARS:
    • Creation of a conventional reservoir model
    • Conversion of a conventional model to foamy oil using different approaches
    • History matching a core flood experiment model using CMOST

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