Learn the fundamental theoretical concepts of reservoir simulation. This training course details the mathematics of the governing equations and numerical techniques that form reservoir simulation models.

You will discuss the essential data input that includes:

  • Reservoir petrophysical data
  • Multiphase SCAL rock properties data
  • Reservoir fluids PVT data
  • Data needed for model initialization
As the result of completing this course, you will gain a thorough understanding of the reservoir simulation workflow and be able to make informed decisions about various inputs, mechanisms of reservoir simulation processes and their practical implications.

Course Content

  • Single Phase Flow
    • Mass conservation
    • Darcy’s law
    • Permeability and porosity
    • Diffusivity equation and general PDEs
    • Analytical solutions in reservoir engineering
    • Taylor series and finite difference formulation
  • Numerical Techniques for Single-Phase Flow
    • Explicit, implicit formulation for one-dimensional flow
    • Numerical stability analysis
    • Systems of linear and non-linear equations
    • Two and three-dimensional flow equations
  • Multiphase Flow Equations and Solution Techniques
    • Two and three-phase conservation equations
    • Darcy’s law and relative permeability
    • Capillary pressure and model initialization
    • Phase behavior and PVT
    • IMPES (Implicit Pressure, Explicit Saturation) formulations
    • Fully implicit methods
  • Special and Advanced Topics
    • Reservoir initialization
    • Compositional simulation
    • Thermal simulation
    • Simulation of naturally fractured reservoirs
    • Fully implicit methods

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