What is Geomechanics ? Learn the fundamentals of geomechanics and latest technology in unconventional reservoir simulation available in GEM and STARS. Discuss key geomechanical topics from simple dilation/compaction table input to complex finite element strain/stress approaches. Several case studies and practical exercises will showcase single well to full field examples of geomechanical simulation in CMG’s simulators.

The information and techniques provided in this course will enable engineers to build a complex reservoir simulation dataset and analyze simulation run results using geomechanical features in GEM and STARS.

Course Content

  • GEM and STARS geomechanical features including geomechanical coupling
  • Dilation/compaction table input, application and limitation
  • Concepts of complex stress-strain relationship, yielding criteria, linear elasticity, non-linear elasticity (hypoelastic and hyperelastic), elasto-plastic behavior and associated constitutive models (Mohr-Coulomb and Drucker Prager), and Generalized Plasticity
  • GEM and STARS keywords used in geomechanical models
  • Examples of modelling cap rock integrity in thermal simulation and Carbon Capture and Storage simulation for saline aquifers
  • Review of Builder and Results to input and analyze simulation data
  • A separate Geomechanical Grid (GeoGrid)
  • Post-processing geomechanical capabilities, such as running geomechanics on a previously ran reservoir model
  • Other example simulation models related to geomechanical features in GEM and STARS

Course Content

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