Learn how to apply the functionality available in Builder to create geological models.

You will discuss in detail basic concepts of geological modelling including geostatistical methods and property distribution. Several hands-on exercises will elaborate on different aspects of geological modelling including:
  • Contour map construction
  • Structure/stratigraphy models
  • Geostatistical property distribution from well logs
  • Core data
Verification of the model and upscaling for reservoir flow simulation will also be covered in the course. After completing the course, you will be able to use Builder capabilities for the geomodelling process and quantifying the static model and reservoir property assignment.

Course Content

  • Geomodelling concepts
    • Basics of the geomodelling process
    • Static vs. dynamic data and integration into model build
    • Well log correlation and interpretation of structural tops
    • Grid resolution (geological models vs flow simulation)
  • Geostatistics concepts
    • Variogram analysis
    • Geostatistical methods
      • Estimation vs simulation
      • Kriging
      • Gaussian simulation
  • Geological Model building using the guided Task Manager in Builder
  • Hands-on exercises using Builder
    • Importation of structure tops, well trajectories, and well logs
    • Contour map creation
    • Model gridding and structure assignment
    • Property distribution
    • Upscaling the geomodel for flow simulation

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