Note: This course is taught in English
Nota: Este curso se ofrece en Ingl├ęs.

Course Description

July 25, 2022 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM MDT (GMT-6)

This is an In-person Course taught at the Calgary Office (3710 33rd Street NW Calgary, AB T2L 2M1)

Lunch will be provided

This course gives an overview of the modelling options built into the GEM simulator for CO2 Storage and Capture in an aquifer. A 2D model will be built and various CCS modelling tools will be progressively added on, starting from simple structural trapping down to mineralisation. The effect of each added process will be analysed in detail. The PVT package WinProp will be used for inputting the components properties and the aqueous and mineral reactions. The course will touch on the geochemical modelling features of GEM and its geomechanical modelling capabilities.

Course Content

  • Base model with structural trapping
  • Hysteresis Trapping
  • Solubility Trapping
  • Barton-Bandis Fracture Permeability Model
  • Mineral Trapping
  • Water Vaporisation
  • 3D GHG Model with Geomechanics

Varun, a Staff Reservoir Simulation Engineer and Team Lead, is an expert in unconventional oil and gas (shale and tight) simulation, SAGD, geomechanics, and integrated production systems modeling. He holds a Bachelor of Technology, Petroleum Engineering from the Indian School of Mines and a Master of Science, Petroleum Engineering from the University of Alberta, Canada.