Learn the basics of reservoir simulation and how to build a black oil simulation model using the latest pre-processing and post-processing technology available for CMG simulators. These include Builder, which handles data preparation for black oil (IMEX), compositional (GEM) and advanced thermal/chemical processes (STARS) simulators.

Practice importing basic raw data such as geological maps, PVT data, core analysis, production data, and perforation/completion events into Builder to create a complete dataset, initially for IMEX. Use Results to view the simulation output. Analytical correlations in PVT and/or rock permeability curves will also be discussed in more detail.

After completing the course, you will be able to build a basic black oil simulation model and apply a similar approach to create a compositional GEM dataset or a thermal STARS dataset.

Course Content

  • Introduction to Builder, different map formats:
    • Cartesian
    • Orthogonal
    • Non-orthogonal corner point grids on
  • Interpolation, edit reservoir properties, add/delete wells including vertical and horizontal wells
  • Add aquifers, PVT data, relative permeability curves, and smoothe/adjust data graphically
  • Analytical correlations used in preparing PVT data and rock/fluid properties
  • Define fluid contacts, set reference pressure, select different initialization methods
  • Create recurrent well data and production history files based on general field production data
  • Define well perforations and create restart records for prediction runs
  • Validate data, run tests, and review results using Results
  • Create different Results template files, multiple plots, and Excel style reports

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