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CMG Training:
Introduction to Thermal EOR Modelling
Course Date: 
Wednesday, 11 September, 2019 - 08:30 to Thursday, 12 September, 2019 - 06:30

This training course introduces thermal enhanced oil recovery (EOR) simulation using CMG technology. Learn the various facets of thermal EOR modelling including:

  • Component design
  • Thermal properties
  • Relative permeability interpolation

Discuss advanced thermal modelling concepts and applications such as reaction kinetics, adsorption and advanced wellbore modelling. Build your expertise through a series of hands-on exercises that emphasize on steam flood and cyclic steam stimulation (CSS) applications.

This course provides engineers, geologists and other technical personnel with the information and techniques required to build a simple STARS dataset and explore complex STARS functions.

Course Content

  • Low Salinity mechanisms
    • STARS features and applications
    • Black oil model dataset conversion to STARS
    • Modelling of steam flood, cyclic steam stimulation (CSS)
  • Geochemistry module in GEM and STARS
  • Advanced concepts and applications
    • Reaction kinetics
    • Adsorption
    • Wellbore modelling

For inquiries regarding CMG training courses, please contact us by email or at +1.403.531.1300.

* Note: Training course fees for Canadian customers will be invoiced in CAD$, and all international customers will be invoiced in USD$
For inquiries regarding CMG training courses, please contact us by
Email or Phone at +1.403.531.1300.

Meals and refreshments are included in all course fees
Course Date
Wednesday, 16 September, 2020 - 08:30 to Thursday, 17 September, 2020 - 16:30