Learn the mechanisms involved in low salinity water injection (LSWI) as an enhanced oil recovery (EOR) process and the application of advanced simulation tools to model this process. You will practice applying relative permeability interpolation and chemical reactions available in the geochemistry module in GEM and STARS to include wettability alteration and mineral dissolution properties. Additional effects discussed and incorporated in the models will include:
  • Ion exchange
  • Phase partitioning of components
  • Temperature dependence
Practical examples will demonstrate advanced display tools (Results) to measure changes in reservoir properties and production parameters.

Course Content

  • Low Salinity mechanisms
    • Ion exchange
    • Partitioning of surface active oil components into water
    • Release of adsorbed surface active oil components
    • Release of fines
    • Relative permeability variation due to wettability change
  • Geochemistry module in GEM and STARS
  • Process wizard for LSWI
  • Exercises with STARS and GEM
    • Base model building
    • LSWI case for relative permeability interpolation with:
      • SO4=
      • Mineral dissolution
      • Ion exchange
      • Temperature effects

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