Learn the concepts of CMG’s reservoir simulators – black oil (IMEX), compositional (GEM) and advanced thermal/chemical processes (STARS) – with an emphasis on advanced numerical tuning features available in STARS. Review specific analysis techniques including:
  • Analysis of numerical output parameters
  • Fine tuning of the input data
  • Diagnosis of small timestep problems
  • Non-convergence
Practice modifying data and analyzing simulation results using Builder and Results. Key factors in tuning and managing dynamic gridding and parallelization will be also discussed.

After completing the course, engineers, geologists or technical personnel will be able to fine tune and adjust their own dataset and improve the performance of more complicated STARS simulation processes.

Course Content

  • Review STARS simulator numerical features
  • Identify numerical issues
  • Fine-tune the dataset through analysis of the output numerical variables
  • Identify which parameters in the numerical section are most sensitive
  • Solve numerical problems to improve calculation efficiency
  • Review datasets before and after numerical tuning
  • Tips and tricks for dynamic gridding and parallelization

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