Note: This course is taught in English
Nota: Este curso se ofrece en Inglés.

Course Description

October 27, 2022 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM MDT (GMT-6)

Typically for unconventional modelling in reservoir simulators, the hydraulic fractures are assumed to be present at the start of simulation and only the production period is modelled.  In this course, CMG’s reservoir simulators (IMEX, GEM and STARS) will be used to model hydraulic fracture creation and propagation.  Three different techniques will be demonstrated with varying degrees of complexity including low fidelity (pressure based), medium fidelity (Geomech-based) and high fidelity (geomech based).  In addition to learning how to implement these fracture creation workflows the application of when to use them will be discussed.  By modelling both the hydraulic fracture creation and production the complete unconventional well lifecycle can be modelling in CMG.  

Kevin Joslin, P.Eng, a Senior Reservoir Simulation Engineer, has over nine years of industry expertise in thermal recovery processes (SAGD) and unconventional gas and oil reservoir simulation, particularly hydraulic fracturing. Kevin applies his experience with advanced wellbore modelling tools, including both iSegWell and FlexWell, to provide unparalleled support and training to CMG customers. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Calgary, Canada.