Note: This course is taught in English
Nota: Este curso se ofrece en Inglés.

Course Description

October 4 and 5, 2023 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM MDT (GMT-6) This training course introduces thermal enhanced oil recovery (EOR) simulation using CMG technology. Learn the various facets of thermal EOR modelling including:

  • Component design
  • Thermal properties
  • Relative permeability interpolation 

Discuss advanced thermal modelling concepts and applications such as reaction kinetics, adsorption and advanced wellbore modelling. Build your expertise through a series of hands-on exercises that emphasize on steam flood and cyclic steam stimulation (CSS) applications.This course provides engineers, geologists and other technical personnel with the information and techniques required to build a simple STARS dataset and explore complex STARS functions. 

Course Content

  • Overview of STARS Features and Applications:
    • A three-phase Multi-component Thermal and Steam Additive Simulator
    • Understanding the STARS component concept (K-values) 
    • Thermal Properties 
    • Reactions 
    • Relative permeability Interpolation and Scaling.
  • Other advanced capabilities:
    • Chemical applications including reactions & Component adsorption
    • Geochemistry
    • Solids deposition and migration 
    • Dynamic Gridding 
    • Non petroleum process application (medical & biochemical).
  • Exercises:
    • Creation of Cyclic Steam Base Model
    • Implementation of Cyclic Steam Stimulation (CSS)
    • Implementing the Dilation Re-compaction model 
    • Changing a Steam Flood into a Water Flood
    • Changing Cyclic Steam into Primary Production
    • Increasing Oil Viscosity.
Wednesday, 4 October, 2023 - 09:00 to 16:00
Thursday, 5 October, 2023 - 09:00 to 16:00
Sepideh Maaref is a Reservoir Simulation Engineer with over 7 years of experience in modeling and conducting experiments on multi-phase flow in porous media and Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR). She holds a Ph.D. in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Calgary and an M.Sc. in Petroleum Engineering from the Sharif University of Technology, Iran. Her expertise includes solvent-based enhanced oil recovery, hydraulic fracturing characterization, emulsion and foam flow behavior, colloids and interface sciences, and nanoparticle synthesis for unconventional reservoirs. In addition to her academic achievements, she has actively contributed to the field as a researcher and engineer, leading and conducting projects focused on unconventional oil and gas recovery in tight and heavy oil reservoirs.