Learn how to predict phase behaviour and characterize the reservoir fluids for reservoir simulation using WinProp.

Review basic concepts of the petroleum fluid phase behaviour and gain hands-on experience using WinProp to:

  • Characterize the heavy fraction of the petroleum fluids
  • Lump and split components
  • Match laboratory PVT data through regression
  • Simulate first and multiple contact miscibilities
  • Perform multiphase equilibrium calculations
  • Perform phase diagram generation

Use will also learn to characterize the fluid and tune the EoS in order to obtain a fluid model suitable for inclusion in GEM, STARS, or IMEX datasets, and analyze WinProp results.

Course Content

  • Description of mechanisms involved:
    • Fundamentals of phase behaviour and PVT modelling
    • Introduction to WinProp for phase behaviour calculations
    • Techniques in splitting, lumping and grouping of heavier hydrocarbons
    • Multi-phase flash calculations and creation of phase envelopes
    • Detailed interpretation and analysis of lab PVT data
    • Determine Minimum Miscibility Pressure (MMP) and Multi-Contact Miscibility (MCM)
  • Exercises with STARS
    • Matching various laboratory experiments and EoS tuning by regression, including:
      • Saturation Pressure, Gas-Oil Ratio (GOR), and etc.
      • Constant Composition Expansion (CCE) and Constant Volume Depletion (CVD)
      • Separator Test, Swelling Test, and etc.
    • Density and viscosity of oil as a function of Pressure and/or Temperature
    • Output of different Fluid Model types for Black Oil (IMEX), K-Value (STARS), and Compositional (GEM)

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