Learn the application of Special Core Analysis (SCAL) data in reservoir simulation models and how data should be modified to accommodate different recovery processes.

In this advanced reservoir engineering course you will discuss the basic concepts and different elements of SCAL data, and how they change as a function of reservoir heterogeneity. You will also understand the idea of reservoir saturation history and the associated hysteresis. Additionally, the course will focus on the application to heavy oil reservoirs when considering the effect of temperature on reservoir wettability, and how it alters the application of relative permeability in thermal recovery simulation models.

Course Content

  • Fundamentals of relative permeability curves and capillary pressure
  • Wettability alteration and effect on capillary pressure and relative permeability curves
  • Build the dataset for different rock wettability in STARS
  • Relative permeability curves upscaling from coreflood to full-field
  • Use of temperature-dependent and composition-dependent relative permeability curves
  • Detail interpretations of output results

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