Learn how to apply STARS’s advanced functionality to thermal processes simulation, including:
  • CSS (Cyclic Steam Stimulation)
  • Steam Flooding
  • SAGD
  • Air Injection
After reviewing basic concepts, you will be provided detailed instruction on the complexities of simulating these oil recovery processes. Discuss the phenomena involved in thermal recovery process and practice building a fluid model.

The course will teach engineers, geologists or technical personnel how to effectively generate a reservoir simulation model for each of the studied processes and analyze the results of each case.

Course Content

  • Description of mechanisms involved:
    • STARS simulator features and applications
    • Thermal processes review and key aspects of the design
    • Build black oil simulation file and convert it into thermal simulation model (K-values)
    • Build simulation cases for CSS, Steam Flooding, SAGD
    • Build an In Situ Combustion model using Builder (Wizard)
  • Exercises with STARS
    • Fluid model representation in STARS
    • Sensibility analysis for parameters to consider when doing thermal simulation models
    • Results analysis using graphs, 3D and tuning of simulation runs

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