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Phase Behaviour Modelling and PVT Creation
Discuss the techniques for characterizing the heavy end of a petroleum fluid, lumping of components, matching laboratory PVT data through regression, simulation of first and multiple contact miscibility, and phase diagram generation. Practice the steps involved in tuning an EoS to obtain a fluid model suitable for inclusion in GEM, STARS, or IMEX datasets. This course is available in Calgary and Houston.

"The course material is well planned, very informative."
-Phase Behaviour Modelling and PVT Creation
"The instructor did a great job explaining portions of theoretical aspects of this course (EoS, EOR processes, PVT modelling…). I also found the exercises to be quite helpful."
-Phase Behaviour Modelling and PVT Creation
"The course had an appropriate balance of fundamentals and practical application of the software. It was well communicated with excellent visual and oral presentation skills."
-Phase Behaviour Modelling and PVT Creation

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