The industry’s most cutting-edge reservoir simulation technology event is back with Artificial Intelligence-based workflows, revolutionary unconventional and EOR workflows and all new Performance Enhancement Technology. Attend the TS to discover the Future Of Simulation.

Engage. Discover. Succeed

Regardless of where you are in your career, which processes you model, or where you live and work – CMG has the tools you need to excel. We are 100% committed to equipping you with the best reservoir simulation software for your most complex assets.

The TS Experience Gives You:

  • Two days of technical talks focused ONLY on reservoir simulation
  • Industry leaders sharing stories of increased profitability and field development planning through simulation
  • Optimization tools and workflows to save time and money
  • New ideas, angles and strategies to implement for the best asset development plans
  • Best practices and solutions taken from examples of challenging scenarios worldwide
  • Opportunity to meet the CMG R&D team and supporting cast in person!
  • Ability to network with colleagues who are benefiting from the 300+ new features in CMG’s latest Release
  • And more!

CMG has been at the forefront in simulating new recovery methods for 40 years.
This year, the TS will show you the Future of Simulation! WELCOME

Management Team

Executive Team

  • Pramod Jain Chief Executive Officer

    Pramod Jain is a software executive and professional engineer with over 15 years of international leadership experience focused on corporate growth and innovation

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  • Sandra Balic Vice President, Finance and Chief Financial Officer

    Ms. Balic is a Chartered Accountant with more than 15 years of experience in accounting and financial reporting.

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  • Sheldon Harbinson Vice President, Americas

    As the Vice President, Americas, Sheldon Harbinson is responsible for the advancement and expansion of CMG's offerings throughout the Americas.

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  • David Hicks Vice President, Eastern Hemisphere

    Mr. Hicks joined CMG in 1998 as an Area Manager, European Region, and was instrumental in growing CMG's European market presence.

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  • Anjani Kumar Vice President, Customer Success and Consulting

    Mr. Kumar has a strong background in reservoir engineering and simulation supplemented by extensive industry experience.

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  • John Mortimer Chief Technology Officer

    As the Chief Technology Officer for CMG, John Mortimer is responsible for the advancement, innovation, and enhancement of CMG’s core software offering. 

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  • Long Nghiem Vice President, Innovation Lab

    Dr. Nghiem has been with CMG since inception in 1978 and contributed to the company’s growth as the leading developer and supplier of dynamic reservoir technologies in the world.

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Management Team

Board of Directors

  • Tina Antony Director

    Tina is an executive with over 20 years in the board room and the c-suite leading M&A, corporate governance, government relations, international operations, and steering transformational change.

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  • Judith Athaide Director

    Ms. Athaide, a professional engineer with more than 25 years of experience in the energy industry, has extensive experience in strategy creation and implementation, business development, marketing and trading and project management.

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  • John Billowits Director

    Mr Billowits is an accomplished software executive whose leadership has helped a number of software companies improve market and product success. John’s skills and experience are a welcome complement to CMG’s Board.

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  • Ken Dedeluk Director

    Mr. Dedeluk is a professional engineer with over 30 years of senior management experience in business development, international marketing and sales.

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  • Peter Kinash Director

    Mr. Kinash is a Chartered Accountant with extensive experience in financial leadership of software enterprises, international business and public technology company financial reporting.

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  • Christopher Fong Director

    Mr. Fong brings unique strategic leadership and operational experience in the oil and gas industry to CMG.

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  • Mark Miller Chief Operating Officer of Constellation Software Inc

    Mark has a passion for software technology and building innovative businesses that last forever.

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