Why CMG?

Why Simulate?

  • More economical to investigate multiple recovery scenarios, to forecast production, and to optimize well development schemes before drilling
  • Lower production costs and recover more hydrocarbons from the same reservoir
  • Minimize risk with a well-defined and optimized field development strategy
  • Easily recover from mistakes and be more aggressive and creative with a field development planning
  • Accurately predict ultimate recovery for unconventional/tight oil and gas reservoirs
 Why Simulate


Why CMG?

  • CMG provides flexible software licenses to match each customer’s project needs
  • CMG is “plug-&-play” – no need to purchase additional modules to access the features and advanced functionality you need
  • Expanding its global reach with more than 600 customers in 60 countries using CMG reservoir simulation software
  • Funded research enables customer collaboration to continuously improve software capabilities
  • Completed more than 500 consulting projects for 200+ customers in every country of the world

R&D Investment

  • More than 50% of employees are devoted to R&D
  • 20% of annual revenue is reinvested into R&D
  • More than 38 years of dedicated reservoir simulation software development
  • At the forefront in simulating new recovery methods and developing new ways to overcome existing technological barriers

Research and Development

Superior Software

Superior Software

  • Leader in enhanced oil recovery simulation that delivers easy-to-use software with the most accurate results
  • CMG technology is the industry standard for usability, physics, robustness and performance
  • Workflow-driven software enables engineers to quickly and efficiently create simulation models for any recovery process
  • Increase productivity and make well-informed engineering decisions, faster and with higher resolution
  • Customers have access to full-functionality – no hidden costs to access advanced features or modules

Customer Experience

  • More than 40 reservoir engineers, with over 400 years of combined experience, provide personalized support and training in every time zone
  • CMG offers 30+ unique hands-on, industry relevant training courses at our world-class facilities
  • CMG provides specialized consulting services using our advanced simulation technology to effortlessly model complex and/or experimental customer projects
  • Response time is less than 24-hours on all customer support queries
Customer Experience