The IPSM Imperative | A roundtable discussion with energy leaders

Pramod Jain, CMG, and Justin Lo, Chevron, discuss Integrated Production System Modelling (IPSM) with Dave Reid, Shell, and Roberto Motta Gomes, Petrobras (not pictured).

From enhancing operational efficiency, to creating new business opportunities, as well as reducing carbon emissions, the energy industry is drawing on technology to be better, and do better.

Integrated Production System Modelling, or IPSM for short, is a technology that addresses optimization in energy projects. But it’s not being used as widely as it should.

This technology connects surface and subsurface teams, and it’s absolutely critical to remove silos and optimize energy projects in an industry that is both growing and transitioning at the same time.

To dive deeper into how exactly IPSM enables innovation and creates opportunities for growth, we hosted a roundtable discussion on the topic with leading industry experts, including:

  • Dave Reid, Senior Vice President, Subsurface and Development Deepwater, Shell
  • Justin Lo, Technical Manager, Enterprise AI, Chevron
  • Roberto Motta Gomes, Reservoir Manager, Petrobras
  • Pramod Jain, CEO, Computer Modelling Group (CMG)

To hear what these experts had to say, you can watch the full conversation below.

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